Helping a Teen Overcome a Pornography Addiction

Finding out that a teenager has a pornography addiction can be a complicated thing to experience as a parent. The first thing that you must do is figure out how to approach your teen about the problem. You don't want to bring the issue up in the wrong manner because it might cause your teen to react in a negative way, such as not wanting to talk about it. There are several things that can be done to resolve the problem in a cordial manner. Take a look at this article for a few suggestions in regards to handling your teen's pornography addiction.

Make Sure There Is Actually an Addiction

Before confronting your teenager about having a pornography addiction, it is wise to make sure that one actually exists. Just because you discovered that he or she has watched pornography doesn't mean that it is happening on a regular basis. Try to watch your teen's actions for a while to find out how often he or she watches pornography. If you notice that he or she has stopped, there is not likely a problem. Sometimes teenagers simply do things for a brief moment to have the experiences, especially when going through a lot of hormonal changes.

Bring Up the Topic in a Way That Isn't Embarrassing

If you find out that there is actually an addiction, bring the topic up in a way that does not embarrass your teen. You should bring up the topic based on your teen's personality. For instance, if he or she enjoys being humorous, make sure that you are funny about the subject so he or she won't feel too serious. Being humorous might give your teen the confidence to tell you more without having to be asked too many questions.

Schedule an Appointment With a Counselor

Once you and your teen have discussed the pornography addiction, get in touch with a counselor. The counselor can speak with your teen privately to discuss how the addiction came about. Keep in mind that some of the words that are spoken between your teen and the counselor might be kept confidential. One of the things that the counselor might do is refer your teen to a therapy program, such as one that allows him or her to live in the wilderness while overcoming the addiction. Your teen will be able to obtain his or her education during such a program, as well as perform numerous activities with other teens that are overcoming addictions.

For more information on how you should address your teen's pornography addiction, talk to a counseling center like Lifeline for help.