Types Of Negative Thinking That Can Sabotage Your Happiness

Negative thinking is a powerful thing that can make every day feel miserable. In fact, if you have negative thought patterns, you may be able to "think" yourself out of feeling happy when things go well. The good news is that negative thinking isn't a natural born affliction that you're forced to live with for the rest of your life.

Therapy can help you lose the loud, harsh voice that negative thinking can feel like. If you find yourself engaging in the following types of negative thinking or others, you can stop it with the help of counseling. Identify the types of negative thinking you engage in.

All-or-Nothing Mindset

When you have an all-or-nothing frame of mind, then you will inevitably set yourself up for failure and disappointment. You'll never be able to be perfect yourself, and it's unfair to expect perfection in others.


Yes, cynicism is so widespread that it's acceptable in many circles, but it can rob you of experiencing a lot of joy in life. When one always has the inclination to believe that other people in the world are only acting out of selfish motives, it can be hard to bond with friends and family.

Disqualifying the Present Moment

A lot of people are unable to live in the moment, and that can be a negative way of thinking. If you struggle with this, you may not ever allow yourself to simply enjoy the moment. You may feel that you have to hurry to accomplish things and will enjoy yourself later. The problem is that later never comes since you are consistently disqualifying the present moment.

Chronic Self-Criticism

Oftentimes children who are criticized often and unfairly will develop their own, strong inner critic that follows them through life. It can, of course, develop at different points in life for other reasons, too. If you have chronic self-criticism, you can stop yourself from enjoying the positive things about yourself, and you may actually limit your potential by not believing in yourself.

These are just a few of the many possible negative thinking patterns that people can develop. Keep in mind that it's possible to loosen the grip that negative thinking can have on your life. To truly get rid of negative thinking, it's important to start therapy at an office like Can't We Just Get Along Counselling Inc. A counselor can help you work on getting rid of that way of thinking once and for all.