Not Quite Ready For Drug Treatment? Seek Help From These Sources

When you're a drug addict, it's important to realize that getting treatment can and potentially will save your life. If you continue to go down the path that you're currently on, your health is at a serious risk. While it might seem like an obvious choice to visit a treatment facility, the reality is that you might not be ready — and it might be better to wait until you are, rather than attempt treatment and fail at it. If you're thinking a lot about treatment but you don't quite feel ready to make the call, you can get help in the interim from these sources.

People In Recovery

Look for a group in your area that is made up of recovering addicts, and then consider joining the group for a meeting or even a fun, drug-free outing. You'll quickly notice that individuals in such groups aren't judgmental and won't likely preach to you about getting clean. Instead, they'll provide a support network for you and serve as peers who truly understand what you're going through. One of the challenges of dealing with non-addict family members and friends is that they might not understand you, but those in recovery certainly will.

Online Community

If you live remotely or you're not quite ready to meet people in person, there are a number of useful online communities that you can join. These message boards essentially serve as a digital version of a group of people in recovery, and can provide you with a lot of support. Additionally, a benefit of seeking help in this manner is that you can remain anonymous. Perhaps you're keeping your drug addiction secret from those around you and you are tentative about discussing it with people in person. By keeping the network of supporting people restricted to the computer, you can remain anonymous.


There's a seemingly endless list of books written about addiction. Seek out those that talk about the process of getting clean. There are many books written by recovering addicts that talk about their journey from being an addict through going to treatment and eventually getting clean. You should be able to relate to many of the stories shared in these books, as well as begin to understand just how valuable treatment can be in the life of an addict. Continuing to read such books can be a key step toward your eventual acceptance that treatment is the best course of action for you.

For more information, contact establishments like Center For Behavioral Health.