Experiencing Stress In The Workplace? Two Effective Ways To Reduce Stress

The most recent annual American Psychological Association's (APA) Stress in America survey says that work-related stress affects 61% of Americans. In APAs most recent Work and Well-Being survey, 59% of employees whose employers do not provide counseling or other mental health resources feel stressed daily, as opposed to 33% of employees whose employers do provide resources. 

If you are experiencing work-related stress and your employer does not provide resources through your workplace, you will benefit from seeking help on your own to reduce the stress you feel at work. Here are a few options to consider:

Individual Counseling 

Speaking with a counselor is an effective way to reduce work-related stress. Cognitive behavioral therapy is commonly used during talk therapy with a counselor. This type of therapy can help you shift your perceptions of having little control and learn how to cope and relate to stressors differently. There are several types of techniques used in cognitive behavioral therapy, including meditation, relaxation, journaling, and thinking exercises. You can also expect that the counselor will challenge your beliefs, which can help you work through why you feel stressed in some situations more than in others. 

In each counseling session, you will be given homework assignments to do to reinforce what you have learned. This is important to help you continue working on your progress so you can eventually handle your workplace environment with reduced stress. Speak with a counselor for more information on how to achieve results to help you reduce stress in the workplace. 

Music Therapy 

Music therapy is also an effective way to combat work-related stress. In fact, research shows that listening to relaxing music positively impacts stress responses. The study also found that listening to music before a stressful event can help you to recover faster from stress if it creeps up on you during the stressful situation at work. Listen to relaxing music while you commute to and from work can also help to relieve your workday stress so you don't take it home with you. 

Ask your counselor for recommendations of relaxing music you can listen to that will help reduce your stress levels. Alternatively, hire a music therapist to help guide you in achieving stress reduction through music. There are also a wide range of available music compilations that can be purchased online and uploaded to your mobile device so you can listen to relaxing music at any time.