Why Getting Addiction Treatment During Pregnancy Is So Important

If you're pregnant and experiencing addiction, treatment is a crucial part of a healthy labor and delivery. If you aren't sure whether now is a good time to get treatment, you'll find that there are actually many benefits to getting treatment right now. Here are a few reasons why pregnancy is the perfect time to seek treatment for addiction and other mental health concerns. Addiction Comes With Health Complications Addiction during pregnancy can cause a number of health complications for both the mother and child. Read More 

3 Tips for Helping Your Teen Cope after Trauma

Experiencing a traumatic event in life is difficult for anyone, but can be especially difficult for teenagers. Teenagers are still developing mentally and emotionally and may not have the inner resources to cope with trauma without significant help. Whether your teen has experienced the death of a loved one, an assault, a serious car accident, or any other type of trauma, it is important to take proactive steps to help them cope. Read More 

How Can Gender-Affirming Therapy Help You?

Keeping your thoughts and feelings bottled up can lead to depression, withdrawal, and other negative consequences. Therapy is a safe place to talk through many issues, including questions you may have about gender identity and presentation. Fortunately, there are therapists who specialize in these topics. Here are some ways that a gender-affirming therapist can help people who are transgender, gender-nonconforming, or questioning: 1. Understand your feelings of gender dysphoria Many people begin their exploration of gender due to feelings of discomfort regarding their assigned gender at birth. Read More 

3 Reasons To See A Mental Health Psychologist

More than 40 million people in the United States seek mental health help annually, which includes those who receive counseling by a mental health psychologist. Whether you are coping with anxiety, depression, the effects of past trauma, or any other mental health struggles, it's important to be proactive and seek help from a professional before your mental state worsens. Here are three reasons to see a mental health psychologist: You Are Experiencing Symptoms of Depression Read More 

What Is Suboxone Treatment? Can It Help With Your Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is something that you cannot tackle on your own. You've tried to overcome in the past but much of your issue goes beyond pure willpower, it takes over your brain's craving receptors and creates a chemical dependency. You can use several resources to help you overcome drug addiction, including Suboxone treatment in your area, to help you succeed and keep free of the drug addiction that has taken over your life and caused you and your family pain. Read More