Anxiety: Why It Isn’t Just Fear, And How To Manage It Without Pills

People without anxiety tend to think that anxiety is just another word for fear. For those that experience some form of anxiety every day, it is much more than just fear. It is an overwhelming sense of fear about particular places, people, or events. This sensation causes sufferers to ignite their biological fight or flight response every second they are in these situations, and may even temporarily paralyze them until they are free of the situation. Read More 

A Hypnosis CD Might Boost Motivation For Strength Training

Hypnosis has been utilized for a number of different self-improvement endeavors. Weight loss, quitting smoking, and alleviating depression are all reasons why people seek out hypnotherapy. A not-so-common reason would be to improve and increase strength. And strength means literal strength: the ability to lift heavy weights. Fitness enthusiasts hit the gym with the express purpose of increasing muscle mass to attain functional strength. Lifting free weights is the best way to do this. Read More 

Helping a Teen Overcome a Pornography Addiction

Finding out that a teenager has a pornography addiction can be a complicated thing to experience as a parent. The first thing that you must do is figure out how to approach your teen about the problem. You don't want to bring the issue up in the wrong manner because it might cause your teen to react in a negative way, such as not wanting to talk about it. There are several things that can be done to resolve the problem in a cordial manner. Read More 

Sleeping Through The Night: How Counseling Can Help With Toddler Sleep Issues

If you have a toddler, then chances are that you have experienced some sort of sleep issue. The definition of when sleep issues become a problem for toddlers differs depending on who you ask, but most experts agree that it is significant when it takes your toddler more than 30 minutes to fall asleep at least three nights a week for at least three months or if sleep issues cause significant issues in your or your child's waking life. Read More 

How Visual Imagery May Reduce Your Anxiety Symptoms

Suffering from chronic anxiety can leave you feeling sad, tired, and fearful, and it can be hard to overcome these negative feelings and emotions. While doctors can help you with anxiety issues by prescribing medication, there are ways you may be able to beat your anxiety naturally. One method you may want to look into is called visual imagery or guided imagery. This method involves focusing on good things to help you learn to control your thoughts and feelings. Read More